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Standard Bail Bond Forms

For most of the California bail bonds that I write, there are two simple forms to complete: the Bail Bond Agreement and the bail bond contract.

Bail Bond Contract & Application

The Bail Bond Agreement (pdf) serves as both an application and a contract. The contract between the bail indemnitor (the person signing the contract, paying the fee and taking responsibility) and the bail agency (in this case Tonya Page Bail Bonds). We are jointly promising the court that the defendant will return for necessary court appearances.

The contract outlines the fee for services and the agreements made by bail bondsman and the individual or individuals bailing the defendant out of jail. The Agreement also requests identifying and financial information for the indemnitor and the defendant. Bail agents are required by law to request this information. Some of the requested information may not required to complete your bail bond. Please ask the when you call which information is needed from you.

Straight Talk Contract

I call the Notice to the Indemnitor (pdf) a "Straight Talk Contract". It is a plain english document that clarifies to you that as a signer of the Bail Bond Agreement Contract, you understand that you are responsible for the defendant's appearance in court and if the defendant "skips bail", you will be financially responsible.

Forms for Bail Bonds Secured with Real Estate

Most bail bonds that I write are done with no collateral bail bonds. They are called signature bonds. When collateral is required, is it most often secured California real estate. Often usually the home of a family member or even the home of the defendant is used as collateral.

When real estate is used as collateral for a bail bond, additional paperwork is required which allows you to give us permission to use your home as collateral and clarifies that you understand you are doing so. This is done with a Deed of Trust and with a Disclosure Statement.

A California Deed of Trust (pdf) is a lien on property which is held by our Surety Company (an insurance company) that underwrites our bail bonds. The lien is held by a third party (rather than the bail agent) and it is notorized for your protection. The bail bondsmen that I work with are notaries.

The Real Estate Disclosure Statement (pdf) is the one page simple language document that tells you that a lien will be placed on the property. I want to make sure that you understand the responsibilities that you are undertaking.

Your Privacy

At Tonya Page Bail Bonds, your privacy serious is a serious matter. I provide an online Privacy Statement. Additionally, you can download my Privacy Disclosure Form (pdf) here. For additional information, please call me at 877 BAIL BOND.

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