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If someone you care about has had the misfortune of being arrested and jailed for forgery, let us be your first line of contact. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to have them released from jail and likely you won’t even have to leave home.

We know the California jail system and will always work our hardest get the answers you need. Feel free to call us any time, 24/7. We offer no cost phone consultations. With us, you’ll know what to expect prior to signing any paperwork.

Let our professional, caring bail agents help you at toll-free, 1-877-861-3761.

Forgery Charges - California Penal Code 470

If someone has signed someone else's name on a document, check or property contract, etc., without the original name holder’s knowledge or permission, they will have committed forgery (470 P.C.).

A person will have committed forgery if they have altered or created a false document intending to benefit in any way.

Forgery is considered a “white collar crime.” If someone has been convicted of forgery, they may be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony. If convicted of a misdemeanor, they may receive a sentence of up to one year in a county jail. If convicted of a felony, they will be required to pay fines, restitution, give community service and they may receive a sentence of up to three years in a California State prison.

Booking and Release Information

We can always work with you to complete the bail bond contract so the paperwork will be signed and ready before their release. It’s important to know our bail bond company can’t post a bond until the booking process has been completed.

Once the jail has completed the booking process, we will move forward to post the bond. From there, it will typically take anywhere from 1-6 hours for the inmate to be released. Most bail bonds can be posted at jails 24 hours a day, however, some inmates may have to remain in jail until their case settles in court.

Convenient Bail Service

We offer an easy application process which can be handled from the convenience of your own home. A fax or email is all you need to get the bail bond started. We can also offer the additional convenience of meeting with you at the jail the inmate is being held, or we’ll come directly to your home or office. You decide what works best for you.

Bail Financing Solutions

We offer creative financial solutions and have several bail bond payment options to choose from. We will let you know if you qualify for financing within a few short minutes. When you qualify, we can work out payments with no finance charges. A credit card is both the easiest and fastest way of paying for a bail bond. We always welcome VISA, Master Card, American Express or Discover. You may also pay by cash.

Trusted Bail Bonds Resource

We offer you the experience and knowledge of the bail bonds industry and the California jail systems. Call today find out how we can help you with a bail bond for forgery charges at toll-free 877-861-3761. Talk one-on-one with a professional, discreet bail bondsman who can assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.

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Updated: 07/27/2014 
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"I wanted to let you know what excellent service your agents provided my daughter and myself. They were kind and efficient and made a very distressful situation a little easier to deal with. From the time I contacted your office (at 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning), until Mark was able to post the bond, everyone was professional, yet caring. My daughter was finally released from the Van Nuys jail at 6:15 p.m. During the entire process, Mark communicated and updated me frequently throughout the day. He even called me to make sure that everything had gone smoothly after he posted the bond."

- Natalie in Ventura County

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