How Different Types Of Bail Work

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How Bail Works

In the United States all arrested persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty, which is why the courts allow most defendants the opportunity to be released on bail while thy wait for their case to be decided. Although the most common way to get someone out of jail involves hiring a bondsman, there are a couple other ways that family … Read More

Do I Need a Bail Bondsman?

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Here is another question from Yahoo! Answers.  Our answer was chosen “Best Answer” by voters. Question:  My brother got arrested and is due to appear in court. He alegedly “attempted to rob a bank” by requesting the teller to transfer $1,000 to his personal account, he never withdrew the money and left the bank. His bail is $50,000, do I … Read More

How Is Bail Set?

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Question: I’m not clear how the bail process works. If somebody is arrested for something whether guilty or innocent, they have an option to have bail? Answer: Bail is set by the court system. Judges set what is called a “bail schedule” in every county every year and for criminal offences. Not every person gets bail because there are mitigating circumstances. … Read More

What to Look for When Choosing a Bail Bondsman

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Bail bondsmen are an important asset to a defendant in a criminal proceeding.  The experience a bail bondsman possesses can greatly work  in your favor. Alternatively, inexperience could cost you dearly. It is important to know the facts and have a clear understanding when it comes to the different options and situations you may experience. Bondsman Licensing By law, all … Read More

How Do You Qualify For Bail Bonds Financing?

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It used to be that bail bonds were paid for in advance of a defendant being released from jail on bond. While the best way to obtain a bail bond is by paying your 10% to the bondsman up-front, financing bail bonds has become more and more commonplace. As in so many financing situations, buyer beware. If you finance a … Read More

Bail Bonds While Vacationing

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Have you ever thought about needing a bail bondsman while you are on vacation?  While summer is fast approaching and we’re thinking about family vacations, as a family of bondsmen we think about such things… Most people never think they will ever end up in jail while vacationing, unfortunately it does happen.  It could be  too much fun in the … Read More

What is a Bail Bond & What Does It Cost?

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Bail bonds, sometimes called ‘surety bonds’ are used to have a defendant released from jail, without having to pay the entire amount. Kind of like an insurance policy, the bond is submitted to the jail and the promise to “make good” on the bond is put into play. What’s great for the consumer is the bail bond company will only charge 10% … Read More

Do I Need To Use A Bail Bondsman?

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Quite simply: No, you do not need a bondsman to post bail. If you have the total amount of the bail in cash, for example, the entire $50,000 bail amount, you can post what is called a “cash bail” directly at the jail. You will take the full amount ($50,000) in cash or cashiers check to the jailer to secure the release of the defendant. … Read More

Should I Post Bail For A Friend?

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You absolutely should post bail for someone you love, know, trust, care about and don’t want to see stay in jail for any longer than they have to. Jail can be a dangerous and scary place to be. Posting bail will allow the defendant to get their home, family, work or school responsibilities in order. They will also have more time to … Read More

Bail Bonds Costs and Release Options

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The bail bond amount is based on the charges, and set by the judges in a County Bail Schedule.  Depending on the details and severity of the crime, bail schedules have different bail amounts.  For example, a DUI charge in LA County has a $15,000 bail and a DUI charge that involves an accident is set at $50,000. California’s average … Read More