How Much Do Bail Bonds Really Cost?

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My fiancé was arrested a couple hours ago and I’m trying to do some research on bail bonds fees, but I can’t seem to figure out what I need to pay. There are a million different companies that are advertising a million different rates, but I’ve also read that all California bail bonds companies are required to charge 10% of … Read More

Can I Post Bail for Someone Who Lives Out of State?

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My brother went to California for a vacation and he got himself arrested the first night he was there. Our whole family lives in Florida.  He lives here, our parents live here… is it possible for me to bail him out of jail? I can pay by phone using a credit card.

Will My Friend Be Released OR?

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My friend was arrested a couple hours ago on identity theft charges and his bail has been set at $30,000. He’s never been in trouble before and he has a good job.  We want to take him out so he doesn’t miss work but we were hoping the jail would release him OR (on his own word) since he doesn’t … Read More

What to Expect When You Call a Bondsman

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No one ever expects to be on the receiving end of an outbound call from the jail.  In a matter of minutes your head starts to spin. Not only are you trying to process the idea that someone you care for has been arrested and needs your help, you’re trying to figure out how this whole “bail bonds” thing is … Read More

Bail Bonds for Warrants: Turning Yourself In

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If you’ve learned that you have an outstanding arrest warrant, you’ll want to contact a local bondsman right away, because warrants never expire and they’re good in all 50 states. Take the case of Robin Hall, for example.  Ms. Hall stole a pack of cigarettes from a Florida convenience store in 1981.  She never paid her court fees (roughly $85) … Read More

How Do I Know if Someone Will Be Denied Bail Bonds?

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I’ve never needed to do anything like this before so I’m not sure how all of this works.  My son is going to school in California and he was arrested last night after he got into a fight with his girlfriend. We want to get him out of jail but my husband and I are worried he’d be denied bail since … Read More

Bail Bonds for Drug Trafficking Charges

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If you know someone who has been arrested and charged with drug trafficking, you’ll want to contact a California bail bondsman as quickly as possible. Drug trafficking can also be charged as “transportation of narcotics” and it can be a state or federal crime depending on the circumstances surrounding the defendant’s arrest.  If the defendant was arrested on suspicion of … Read More

Do this NOW Just in Case You’re Ever Arrested

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No one likes to think they could find themselves on the wrong side of a set of handcuffs but there are times when even the most lawful people wind up in jail. If you do happen to find yourself in this type of situation, you’ll thank us for providing the following piece of advice. The most important advice we can … Read More

Can My Son Bail Himself Out of Jail?

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My son was arrested a few hours ago and he’s being held at the Robert Presley Detention Center. He got arrested on an old warrant and his bail was set at $100,000.  I told him I’d sign but he’ll need to be responsible for the money.  Can he bail himself out?