What is a Bail Bonds Exoneration?

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When you sign a bail bonds agreement form, you’re taking responsibility for two things. Your most important responsibility is that the defendant goes to court as often as needed to finish their case.  Your second responsibility relates to payment of the bail bonds premium. Throughout the duration of the case, the bail bonds company and the cosigner are jointly responsible … Read More

Memorial Day Bail Bonds

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No one likes to think a friend or family member has been arrested over a holiday weekend.  If someone you know finds themselves on the wrong side of a set of handcuffs, you’ll want to do your best to remain calm. Remind the defendant that they have the right to remain silent and that they should refrain from speaking with … Read More

What’s the Fastest Way to Post Bail Bonds?

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If someone you care for has been arrested in Los Angeles, it’s natural to want to get the defendant out of jail fast.  Although some bail bonds agents still require that clients come to their office to sign paperwork and arrange payment, our company allows clients the option of signing the bail bonds documents electronically. We are also able to … Read More

What Happens When Someone is Arrested?

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When someone is arrested in California, there are several things that will need to happen before the defendant will be able to post bail bonds. First, the defendant will be handcuffed, read their Miranda rights and placed into the back of the squad car. From there, they’ll be transported to the jail to be booked and processed. When someone is … Read More

Why Does the Booking Process Take so Long?

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My wife was arrested an hour ago and I want to get her out of jail as fast as possible. I’ve called three bail bonds companies and they’ve told me the jail won’t take a bail bond for another 4 to 6 hours. What gives? Why can’t we do this now? I’m willing to pay extra if that will help … Read More

How Can I Get Off a Bail Bond?

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I cosigned for a bail bonds for my now-ex boyfriend.  His case is still pending and he’s still making payments, but since we’re not together anymore, I don’t feel I should be responsible. How can I get off the bail bond? I want to do this ASAP.

How Much of My Bail Bonds Fee Will I Get Back?

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I was arrested for domestic violence charges a few weeks ago and my bail was set at $50,000.  My sister helped bail me out and she paid $5,000 to the bondsman.  I just got a letter in the mail from the district attorney and that letter says they won’t be moving forward with the case, and that the “arrest” isn’t … Read More

How Soon Can I Contact a Bondsman After an Arrest?

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Our son was arrested about 20 minutes ago. The officer told us which jail they’ll be taking him to and said my son’s bail is going to be set at $20,000. How soon can we contact a bondsman? Do we need to wait until after he’s booked into the jail?