Expert Orange County Bail Service

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If you have learned that someone has been arrested by a member of Orange County law enforcement you’ll want to contact an expert bail bondsman right away: 877-861-3761. Many local bail bonds companies are available to assist clients 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.  Some can even help you process the necessary paperwork via phone, fax and email. If you … Read More

Riverside County Jails Discuss Expansion

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No one will deny that Riverside County jails are overcrowded.   Some members of the Sheriffs Department believed the most viable solution to ease their woes would be to construct a new facility outside Palm Springs.   That plan has since been shut down. Most counties will agree the state’s Prisoner Realignment Program is to blame.  Implemented in Oct. 2011 the state … Read More

Glendale Police Department Reports Crime Trends

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The Glendale Police Department has released data pertaining to the city’s most recent crime trend activity highlighting the local problems of California’s jail realignment. According to statistics released by the Glendale PD North Area Command that area has seen increases in automobile theft and  thefts of items from unlocked cars.  Once a crime pattern was discovered in the area Honolulu, … Read More

Bail Bonds For Placer County

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If you have learned that a friend or family member has been arrested in Placer County you will want to help get them out of jail as quickly as possible. You will need to keep in mind that even if you start the bail bonds process immediately upon their arrest, it will still take several hours before they can be … Read More

Major Pot Operation Brought Down by Glendale PD

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Last Thursday, seven people were arrested by the Glendale Police Department. Nearly 1,000 marijuana plants were also seized from the huge operation that was based only a block from the Northeast Division of the LAPD. The plants were being grown inside a warehouse that used to store office furniture on San Fernando Road. The rooms had irrigation systems, timers and … Read More

Yorba Linda Jail Rumors Denied

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Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is denying rumors of a planned Yorba Linda jail facility, saying it was “never, ever, ever in the plan”. Although she is unsure as to how the Yorba Linda jail rumor got started, Hutchens is stressing said there have never nor will ever be plans for a detention center to be build in any of … Read More

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

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This is a bail related question we answered on Yahoo! Answers.  Our reply was chosen as Best Answer by the asker. Question: My son is in jail in Kansas and I am in Oregon. His bail is $100,000 – I have to come up with $10,000 to get him out.  Is this right? Also, according to what I’ve read online, … Read More

Bail Bonds Service In Plumas County

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reasons people are arrested

When a person has been arrested in Plumas County bail will be set based on the severity of the charges, whether there is a prior history of arrest and whether they are considered to be a flight risk. Bail in California can often be set in the tens of thousands of dollars and oftentimes people don’t have the ability pay … Read More

What is the Difference Between the Words Bail and Bond?

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Here is another question from Yahoo! Answers, where we most often respond to bail related topics. Question: In reference to criminal cases, you will often hear news reporters say a judge has “set bail” or they will say “the bond has been set.” Is there a difference? Answer: Literally speaking the  “bail” and “bond” are different, although they are often … Read More

Riverside County Bail Bondsman

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Learning that someone you care for has been arrested can be a gut-wrenching experience.  The only thing you know is you want to get this person out of jail as fast as possible. There are dozens of bail bonds companies listed in the Yellow Pages and on the Internet, and trying to figure out who is best suited to assist … Read More