LAPD Cinco De Mayo DUI Checkpoints

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The Los Angeles Police Department has announced it will be holding a number of DUI checkpoints at locations throughout the city in conjunction with this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. Celebrated every year on May 5, Cinco de Mayo honors the heritage of Mexicans throughout North America.  It has also, unfortunately, become a night associated with overindulgence and binge-drinking.   The … Read More

Expert Bail Service In Napa County

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How Bail Works When someone is arrested in Napa County it generally takes between two and four hours for them to be fully booked into the system.  During this time they will have their mug shots and fingerprints taken, will undergo a national warrant screen and they will have their bail set. Napa County bail bonds can be posted 24-hours … Read More

How Much Do I Pay For a Bail Bond?

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This is a bail related question found at Yahoo! Answers, where we will often give expert advice. Question:  In short, my boyfriend is in jail and has a total bond amount of $30,000. The court says they will let him go for $3,000 which is ten percent of $30,000.  If I used a bail bondsman will I pay 10% of … Read More

San Mateo County’s New Realignment Plan

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Because of the state’s new jail realignment plan, San Mateo County has reportedly decided to implement its own realignment plan in order to accommodate the hundreds of expected inmates that will be sent to the county jails instead of prisons. It is estimated that the county will see about 600 new inmates in the jails within two years. This is … Read More

Choosing A Marin County Bail Bondsman

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If you have been notified that a friend or family member has been arrested by Marin County law enforcement, you may be wondering where to turn for assistance.   There are hundreds of companies who offer bail bonds service and trying to figure out who you should call can be overwhelming. There are several things you’ll want to consider before deciding … Read More

Two Bakersfield Bondsmen Shot and Killed

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Brandon Sims, and his brother Zachary were reportedly shot and killed Thursday in Bakersfield while trying to arrest a fugitive. Brandon was a licensed bondsman who worked as Bakersfield bail bondsmen. The brothers were on Kamloops Drive Thursday, attempting to bring in a client that had skipped bail. Neighbors

Orange County Sheriff’s Department To Patrol Yorba Linda

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The City of Yorba Linda has announced that it will no longer be contracting with Brea for policing services.  Members of the City Council said they have moved forward with signing a five-year contract with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, instead. The Orange County Register reported that the $9.8 million per year contract marks an approximate 10% annual savings over … Read More

Shasta County Bail Bonds

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If you have never needed to talk to someone about Shasta County bail bonds before you are not alone. Almost everyone that calls our office before has never needed to bail someone out of jail before.   Many of them are unfamiliar with the process, and ask we walk them through step by step. Bail Includes A Contract The first thing … Read More

Bail Bondsman In Lake County

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Man in Jail

Learning a friend or loved one has been arrested can be a stressful situation. Finding an expert Lake County bail bondsman you can trust doesn’t have to be.  Call our office at any time, day or night, 365 days a year at 877-861-3761 to learn how we can help. Most people have never needed to purchase Lake County bail bonds … Read More