Bail Bond Facts: The Current Bail System Is Fair

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Myth:  The High Cost Of Bail Is Unfair The second myth from the JPI is that the current bail system is unfair because it prevents lower-income individuals from being released from jail prior to trial because of the high cost. They say that money bail needs to be eliminated in order to allow more equality in pretrial release. JPI claims … Read More

Bail Bond Facts: The Bail Bond System Works

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There has been a lot of debate about the commercial bail industry recently. Government-funded programs have been working to bring down private bail bond companies in order to push forward their own agenda for pretrial release programs. The problem with the arguments being made against bail bondsmen is that they are based on myth instead of fact. The “research” that … Read More

What Can Be The Cause of a $50K Bail Amount?

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Another question from Yahoo! Answers where we frequently respond to bail related topics and questions.  The Asker voted our reply as Best Answer. Question:  My friends mom recently found a bail bond notice in the mail. We had no idea he had been arrested and he will not tell us why.  His arrest was in Stanislaus County and the bail … Read More

The Right To Bail

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The Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution says that “There shall be no excessive bail”.  One of the greatest challenge for the bail bonds industry to day is that the founding fathers failed to describe what “excessive” might be. According to a recent paper put out by the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS), the US Supreme Court … Read More

California Realignment – Tulare County

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With the new realignment plan concluding its first year, there are mixed reviews about the results. Tulare County officials are hesitant to call the plan to shift inmates a success but feel that things are going much better than expected. Tulare County was sent over 500 offenders for supervision under its probation office in addition to 339 inmates to be … Read More

California Realignment Year One – San Francisco County

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In the year since the California realignment plan went into effect, San Francisco County Jail has seen a good measure of success in reducing its population. While many of the counties across the state have made decisions to increase bed space because of an increasing number of jail inmates, San Francisco has had its lowest jail population in nearly 40 … Read More

California Realignment One Year Later – San Diego County

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In the first year since the California realignment plan went into effect, San Diego County has seen the local jails reach capacity and an increase in criminal activity. The rise in crime rate is not wholly blamed on the realignment plan, but the fuller jails are linked directly to it. The realignment sends many more inmates into local jails instead … Read More

California Realignment Year One – Alameda County

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California’s realignment plan has been in effect for one year and the counties have seen mixed results. Alameda County can be counted among those that have had success in dealing with the influx of inmates. Alameda County typically has a 30% lower rate of sending people to prison. It is reported that during the first nine months of realignment, that … Read More

California Jail Realignment – One Year Later

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In May 2011, the US Supreme Court made the decision that the overcrowding in the California prison system must be alleviated. Governor Jerry Brown pushed for Assembly Bill 109, the Realignment Plan, as a solution to the problem. In October 2011, the Realignment plan went into effect. Now, after a year, many are still questioning whether the realignment plan is … Read More

Can I Move To Another State When Out On Bail?

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This question is provided by Yahoo! Answers, where our answer was chosen as “Best Answer” by Voters. Question:  I recently was arrested and released on bail for a felony charge of second degree destruction of property.  I just found out that my dad is ill and does not have much longer to live.  I currently live in Georgia and plan … Read More