How Does A Bail Bond Work?

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This question can be found on Yahoo! Answers.  Our Answer was voted as Best Answer by Voters. Question:  How does a bail bond work?  If I understand correctly – I pay the bondsman 10% of the total bail amount and they are responsible for paying the difference? In other words for a $25,000 bail amount, I would be expected to … Read More

Bail Bonds Facts: Jail Populations Are Declining

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Myth:  Increasing Bail Amounts Are Leading To An Increase In  Jail Populations The JPI says that increasing bail amounts are causing a nationwide increase in jail populations. They say that there is a cycle of the courts increasing bail amounts in an effort to ensure that people return to court for trial because so many of them use a bail … Read More

Bail Bonds Facts: Bail Industry Regulations Protect The Bail System From Corruption

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Myth:  The Commercial Bail Industry Is Corrupt JPI says that the commercial bail industry is overrun with corrupt bail bond agents. They use force and coercion to demand more money from clients and to extract information about clients. They use bribery to get an inside track for new clients through inmates and jailers. Truth: The Law Does Not Tolerate A … Read More

Bail Bonds Facts: The Bail Industry Does Not Promote Increased Bail Amounts

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Myth:  The Increase In Bail Amounts Is Influenced By The Bail Industry JPI claims that the American Legislative Exchange Council has partnered with the American Bail Association in order to promote harmful bail legislation. It says that while the number of defendants released on bail bond has risen from 25 to 42 percent between 1994 and 2004 and that those … Read More

Bail Bond Facts: The Bail Industry Advocates The Effectiveness Of Commercial Bail

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Myth:  An Over Abundance Of Money Is Spent To Fight Bail Industry Regulations The JPI alleges that the commercial bail bond industry has been spending millions of dollars in efforts to lobby politicians for the benefit of bail bondsmen. They say that this money is used to attack pretrial services and influence politicians to remove funding and do away with … Read More

History Of The Bail Bonds Industry

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You may be surprised to learn that bail bondsmen have been around for hundreds of years.  American bail bonds law was actually created based on the English system and it first came to play within the US during the colonial period. During medieval times English Sheriffs understood that persons accused of a crime were innocent until proven guilty.   If it … Read More

Online Bail Bonds In Tehama County

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One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to bail bonds in Tehama County is that clients always need to meet with a bondsman in person.  This is not always this case. Although there are certainly a number of agents who prefer to do business this way, some bondsmen offer their clients the ability to complete the necessary paperwork … Read More

Solano County Bail Bondsman

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If someone you care for has been arrested and taken into custody by a member of Solano County law enforcement, you will want to seek out the help of an expert bail bondsman as quickly as possible. Most people have never needed to purchase Solano County bail bonds before.  The bondsman you’re speaking with will be able to answer any … Read More

Will The Monies Paid For Bail Be Refunded?

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Voters on Yahoo! Answers voted us as Best Answer for this bail related topic. Question:  Can I expect the monies paid for bail to be refunded?  Answer:  There are two answers to this question and each is very dependant upon the way in which bail was posted. 1. Cash Bail: If you were to take the full bail amount to … Read More

How Bail Bonds Fees Are Set

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There have been many times where clients have called our office wondering why their loved one’s bail has been set so high.  “They have never been in trouble with the law before,” they’ll say.  “This has to be some sort of mistake!” When someone is arrested their bail amount is not set at random.  After the defendant is transported to … Read More