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What Happens to a Bail Bond When Rearrested?

Posted on March 20th, 2012 by Tonya Page

Today’s topic comes from Yahoo! Answers, where our answer was chosen as “Best Answer” by voters.

Question:  My friend was out on bail from an arrest that happened over the summer and last night she got arrested again. What will happen if the bail bondsman finds out about her new arrest?

Answer:  The first bond remains in place when someone is out on bail and gets arrested again.  It is not likely that your bondsman will be notified unless you call him or her for a new bail bond, which you probably will want to do.

In some cases, the second arrest may cause the defendant to miss the court date on the first case.  If this may be the case for your friend, you should notify the court, or the bondsman if you’re not sure of the court, immediately to avoid a warrant and further problems.

Generally, unless Read more »

$100 Million Awarded to Orange County for Jail Project

Posted on March 18th, 2012 by Tonya Page

The Corrections Standards Authority awarded Orange County Jails $100 million to go towards the construction of a jail facility. Orange County was one of eleven counties chosen to receive a portion of the $602 million allotted by the state for jail projects.

This money comes after the implementation of the Governor’s realignment plan, which will send certain non-violent offenders to county jails to serve their sentences instead of the severely overcrowded state prison system. These funds will allow many of the county jails to be expanded or rebuilt in order to better accommodate this influx of prisoners.

Along with Orange County, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties were also awarded $100 million each. Stanislaus County will get $80 million; Santa Barbara and Tulare $60 million each; $33 million to Shasta and Kings; Imperial County will get $23.626 million; Sutter County $10.255 million; and Madera County will receive $3 million.

Twenty counties applied for the funding. The money Read more »

Sacramento County Turned Down for State Funding

Posted on March 17th, 2012 by Tonya Page

No Expansion for Rio Cosumnes Jail

Sacramento County was not among the 11 counties chosen to receive funding from the Corrections Standard Authority last week. The county was hoping to get funds needed to expand the aging Rio Cosumnes Correctional Facility.

The CSA was offering $602 million in funding for California counties in order to help them pay for jail construction and expansion projects. Due to the new realignment plan, county jails must find ways to accommodate the increasing number of inmates that will be coming to their facilities to serve out sentences instead of state prisons.

There were twenty applicants for the money. Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties each received $100 million from the grant; Stanislaus will get $80 million; Santa Barbara and Tulare will each get $60 million.

Kings and Shasta Counties are getting $33 million each; Imperial County will get $24 million; $10 million for Sutter County and Madera County gets $3 million.

The Rio Cosumnes Correctional Facility is fifty years old and houses us to 2,000 inmates. Because of the realignment plan, the jail commander thinks that soon it will only house sentenced inmates instead of detainees awaiting trial.

Santa Barbara County Granted $60 Million

Posted on March 16th, 2012 by Tonya Page

The construction of a much-needed North County jail in Santa Barbara County can finally get underway thanks to a grant from the Corrections Standard Authority.

Santa Barbara County jails applied for an $80 million grant and was given $60 million. This grant is the second phase in the Assembly Bill 900. Together, the CSA has handed out $1.2 billion in funding to 22 counties for their jail construction.

In order to receive this money, the county had to let go of the $56 million that was awarded during the first phase of the plan. If those funds are shifted around, Santa Barbara may get the full $80 million that it requested.

The funding is intended to Read more »

Two Orange County Bail Bondsmen Charged

Posted on March 15th, 2012 by Tonya Page

Orange County JailThe Orange County District Attorney charged Kenneth Lance Hendrick and James Everett Morris with 14 felony counts for allegedly using inmates inside the Orange County Jail to solicit clients for their bail bond company.

Hendrick, who lives in Mission Viejo, is facing eleven years and eight months in a state penitentiary. He allegedly made an agreement with 11 detainees in the period between March 4 and December 6, 2010 that they would contact him if they needed to be bailed out. The DA says that an inmate would solicit others to call Hendrick for Orange County bail bonds. He was Read more »

San Mateo Denied Money for Jail Construction

Posted on March 14th, 2012 by Tonya Page

San Mateo County jail will not be receiving any state funding for its needed jail construction, despite all of its efforts.

In October, San Mateo County was told that it should not bother with applying for those funds. It needs between $155 million and $160 million in order to complete the project. County officials attempted to lobby the Authority anyway.

California is providing $602 million in funding to 11 counties across the state in order to make improvements to their jails. The counties of Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange were each allotted $100 million by the California Corrections Standards Authority, with smaller amounts going to Kings, Imperial, Santa Barbara, Madera, Stanislaus, Shasta, Tulare and Sutter counties.

Assistant Sheriff Trisha Sanchez, along with Deputy City Manager Mary McMillan, attended the public meeting on Thursday to plead with the agency once more. Sheriff Greg Munks stated, “We wanted to go onto the record. There have been counties approved who are years from sticking a shovel in the ground; you ought to award the money to us.

San Mateo County has Read more »

Riverside County Granted $100 million for Jail Expansion

Posted on March 13th, 2012 by Tonya Page

A chance to make much-needed improvements to the overcrowded Riverside County jails will finally be in reach thanks to a grant of $100 million by the State of California.

It was announced that 11 counties would be receiving a share of the $602 million in funding that was being offered by the state for jail improvements across California.

It is hoped that this funding will make the recent realignment changes easier for the counties to transition into. The realignment plan, instituted Read more »

Tulare County Jail in Porterville Approved for $60 Million

Posted on March 12th, 2012 by Tonya Page

County officials were well pleased when it was announced yesterday that Tulare County jail was granted their requested $60 million in funding from the state in order to construct a new Porterville jail.

The new facility is planned to house up to 200 inmates. No site has yet been finalized for the location of the jail.

Sheriff Bill Wittman has stated that he is “going to try to build a bigger facility than 200.”

The funds were awarded by the California Corrections Standards Authority. A total of $602 million has been awarded to 11 counties that are in need of jail improvements. Three counties received $100 million each; Tulare and another county each were granted $60 million; one county was given $80 million; others received smaller amounts for their projects.

It is hoped that these funds will Read more »

Bail Bonds For Imperial County

Posted on March 8th, 2012 by Tonya Page

Imperial County bail bonds can be posted 24-hours a day.  When you call a bondsman be sure they help you understand how bail works and how long it will take for your loved one to be released from custody once a bond is posted.

Before getting started the bondsman will need to ask you a several questions including the name of the defendant, when they were arrested, the crime(s) they’ve been charged with and their bail amount, if you know it.

We help most of our clients process their paperwork via phone, fax and email. This means you never need to leave your home or office to help get your loved one out of jail.  You might also be interested to learn Read more »

Can I Have My Name Removed from a Bail Bond

Posted on March 4th, 2012 by Tonya Page

Today’s bail related topic comes from Yahoo! Answers.

Question: If I bail somebody out of jail but was was one of the persons to put a warrant against him can I be charged and go to jail?  If so, how do I get my name removed from the bond?

Recently I put a warrant against my boyfriend for domestic abuse. We eventually worked things out and got back together, although he ended up going back to jail. I then bailed him out ( which was allowed by the bail bondsman).  Later, we broke up and I decided I wanted nothing to do with him, so I requested that I be removed from the bond, and now the bondsman will not let me because I have a warrant put against him, she said that I would be charged.

Answer:  A bail bond is a legally binding contract, this means you have legally agreed to make sure he appears to all of his court dates. As far as being removed from the bond, Read more »

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