Arranging Bail Bonds For Bribery

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If someone you know has been arrested for this charge you will want to begin the process or arranging bail bonds for bribery. In the state of California, a person can be charged with bribery  if they are believed to have unlawfully accepted gifts or compensation in exchange for favorable treatment.  This could involve a politician accepting presents in exchange … Read More

When To Call A Bondsman

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If someone you care for has been arrested and detained by local police you will want to call a bondsman right away.   Bail bonds professionals are nothing like what you see portrayed on television.  They are not biker guys with long pony tails who spend their days throwing darts in a smoke filled office.  Instead, these are highly trained professionals … Read More

Bankruptcy Fraud Bail Bonds

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Most people will not encounter a situation where they need to help arrange bail bonds for bankruptcy fraud.  Finding out that a loved one has been arrested and detained can be one of the scariest situations you will ever experience.   This can be even more unnerving if you have never needed to hire a bail bonds company before.  The good … Read More

Understanding Bail Bonds Collateral

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Many people believe that they will always need to post bail bonds collateral in order to get a friend or family member out of jail.  You may be surprised to learn that this is not always a requirement.   It actually more depends on the company you choose to hire.  Some will always request collateral whereas others may only require it … Read More

How Using A Bondsman Saves The County Money

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Two issues that many California counties are facing are overcrowded jails and diminishing budgets. Members of the criminal justice system are aware of these problems and many feel that one of the solutions is to look closely at the types of defendants who are being housed in county jails. If that number can be reduced, then the counties will see … Read More

Reasons You Might Not Be Permitted To Hire A Riverside Bondsman

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In most cases, when a person is arrested and transported to one of the Riverside Jails they will be granted the ability to “post bail”.   The jailer will assign the defendant a bail amount and friends or family members can proceed with hiring a Riverside bondsman in order to have that person be released from custody pending trial. There are, … Read More

Offenders Tamper With GPS Monitoring

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As an alternative to jail time, many law enforcement agencies have reportedly been turning to the use of GPS monitoring of offenders in order to ease overcrowding inside county jails. Officers are noticing a growing problem with many offenders removing or disabling their GPS monitoring ankle devices. They believe that they will not have to

Reasons To Arrange San Francisco Bail Bonds For A Friend

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No one ever wants to learn that someone they care for has been arrested and detained at the Bryant Street Jail.  This can be one of the most stressful pieces of information you will ever receive.   On one hand, you want to get them released from custody but on the other, you wonder if you should get involved.  This is … Read More

How Bail Is Set

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It is not uncommon for people to have questions about why their loved one’s bail has been set at a certain rate, especially if the defendant has been arrested in California. Bail amounts in this state are among the highest in the US and finding out a person’s bail has been set at $10,000 or even $20,000 can be extremely … Read More

Infographic: What To Do When Someone Is Arrested

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We just created a diagram of the What To Do When Someone Is Arrested to help explain the steps involved in getting bailed out of jail. The process is very simple, from an individual getting arrested and booked  to the defendant getting bailed out: You can click on the image for a full-size image. Yes, bailing out a friend in … Read More