Jail Outsourcing Considered for Newport Beach

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The option of outsourcing the operation of the city jail is reportedly one being seriously considered by officials from Newport Beach. Bids have been requested from private companies that could oversee the running of the small city jail. The 27-bed facility in Newport Beach currently costs the city nearly $1 million to operate every year. By outsourcing to a private … Read More

Budget Concerns Surround Proposed Redwood City Jail

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The ongoing controversy surrounding the proposed Redwood City Jail is taking a new direction. Residents have begun to voice concern that elected officials are worrying more about their budgets than they are public safety. Once again, the current issue ties back to a Supreme Court decision which lead to the drafting of a bill known as the California Prisoner Realignment … Read More

Minority Arrest Rates Misreported By SFPD

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The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD is coming under fire after a Bay Area newspaper found errors in minority arrest rate reporting. After an extensive investigation of arrest reports, the paper found that many Asian arrestees were being classified as “other” while Latino arrestees were being classified as “white”.  They also found a long list of departmental reprimands against officers … Read More

Los Angeles Police Department DUI Checkpoint Information

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It’s not uncommon for the Los Angeles Police Department to ramp up DUI patrols during holiday weekends.  The upcoming Labor Day celebration will be no exception. Between now and Sept. 3, members of the Los Angeles Police Department will be on high alert, keeping close watch on the roads, drivers, and persons who seem to be driving while impaired.   This … Read More

Bail Bonds In San Bernadino County

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If you have just been notified that a friend or family member has been arrested and taken to one of the San Bernadino jails you will likely want to work with an expert bail bondsman in order to get them released. Bail Bond Fees Many people will begin calling bail bonds company after bail bonds company in hopes of getting … Read More

San Diego Police Department Nets 37 DUI Arrests

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Approximately 37 individuals were arrested by the San Diego Police Department last weekend for charges relating to driving under the influence or driving without a license. More than 82 vehicles were stopped between Thursday and Sunday, according to a recent report by San Diego 10 news. Two drivers were arrested in the North County community of Encinitas.  35 others were … Read More

Vote Delayed On Richmond Jail Expansion

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Members of the stat legislature have decided to delay a vote on whether to approve an expansion of the Richmond Jail. If approved, the project would add approximately 150 beds and would cost $2.9 million.  Proponents of the plan say it will help alleviate overcrowded conditions brought on by the state’s prisoner realignment program.  First implemented in Oct. 2011, the … Read More

How Can I Find Out Who Owns a Bail Bond Company?

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Another bail related topic from Yahoo! Answers. Question:  How can I find out who owns a bail bond company? Answer:  The first thing you need to know is what state is the bail bond company in?  Due to the fact that bail is regulated on a state-by-state basis, it would be best to first find out who the state regulator … Read More

Bail Bonds In Mariposa County

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When someone is asked to assist in bailing a friend or family member out of jail, they will often call around to a number of bail bonds companies to try to get “the best rate”. Most people are not aware that Mariposa bail bonds companies are regulated by the California Department of Insurance (DOI).  The DOIis the agency that sets … Read More

OC Sheriff’s May Take Over Fullerton Police Department

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The Fullerton City Council is considering a measure which would disband the Fullerton Police Department.  If passed, policing services would instead be contracted to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  A vote on whether to seek a “preliminary analysis” is set to take place later this week. Reportedly, if the discussions surrounding the preliminary analysis are favorable, the Sheriff’s will be … Read More