Passing Out (Drunk) in a Fast Food Drive Through Will Get You Arrested

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An Ohio woman found herself on the wrong side of a set of handcuffs after she went out drinking, decided to drive home, and instead, passed out in the drive through lane of her friendly neighborhood McDonalds.

A store employee said the woman was so hammered that she was slurring ordering her food before she dozed off. When the police showed up to investigate, the driver tried to brush the whole thing off.

She wasn’t drunk she claimed… she “had the swine flu.”

The excuse didn’t hold up with the officers; the unnamed woman was arrested and carted off to the county jail.

But she’s not the only person who has gotten arrested in a fast food drive through lane. reports that a Florida man was arrested at Taco Bell after he tried to ride his bike through the drive through lane. The store had just closed, police said, and the man was arrested because he refused to leave.

Original article:  Drunk woman arrested for falling asleep in McDonalds drive-through line

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