Times When a Defendant Cannot Post Bail Bonds

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In most cases, when someone is arrested and booked at one of the California jails, they’ll be allowed to post bail bonds after their booking is complete. There are, however, some cases in which a defendant will be denied the chance to bond out.

Defendants who are rearrested while currently on probation or parole may be placed on a no bail bonds hold.  The only person who has the authority to release this type of hold is a judge.  If you have a loved one who is being detained on a probation hold or a parole hold, you’ll want to contact the defendant’s attorney to see if they can help to have the hold lifted.

Defendants who have been accused of a crime that is punishable by the death penalty may also be denied bail bonds.  In this case, the no bail hold is generally issued because the court considers the defendant to have a much higher flight risk (risk of failure to appear) than defendants who are accused of less serious crimes.

Lastly, if the defendant is undocumented, the jail may issue an immigration hold.  Defendants with ICE holds will not be allowed to hire a bondsman.

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