Why Does the Booking Process Take so Long?

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My wife was arrested an hour ago and I want to get her out of jail as fast as possible. I’ve called three bail bonds companies and they’ve told me the jail won’t take a bail bond for another 4 to 6 hours. What gives? Why can’t we do this now? I’m willing to pay extra if that will help speed things up.

We understand this is a frustrating situation.  When someone is arrested and taken into one of the California jails, they need to be booked into the system.  Part of the booking process involves checking the defendant for warrants. It doesn’t matter if the arrestee is a kindergarten teacher, a pastor or if they’ve never been arrested before. The jail checks everyone for warrants. In order to do this warrant check, the jail takes the defendants fingerprints and they submit them electronically to the Department of Justice. The DOJ gets fingerprints from every jail in the US, 24-hours a day and it takes several hours for them to process the warrant check.  Unfortunately, there is no way to make this process go any faster. Once the DOJ verifies that a defendant doesn’t have any outstanding warrants, a bondsman can then post bail bonds.  For more information on how the arrest and booking process works call our office now at 888-224-5266.

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