What Happens When Someone is Arrested?

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Young woman looking from behind the bars
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When someone is arrested in California, there are several things that will need to happen before the defendant will be able to post bail bonds.

First, the defendant will be handcuffed, read their Miranda rights and placed into the back of the squad car. From there, they’ll be transported to the jail to be booked and processed.

When someone is booked into the system, the jailer will take all of their personal effects, including their cell phone, wallet, watch, jewelry and other similar items and place them into a sealed plastic bag. These items will not be returned to the defendant until they are released from custody.

They will be asked to provide basic information such as their full name, address, date of birth and social security number.  The jailer will also ask if they have any underlying medical conditions or if they are currently taking any medication.

The defendant will also be photographed, fingerprinted and checked for warrants.  The warrant check generally takes between 4 and 6 hours to complete. Once the warrant check is complete, the defendant will be permitted to post bail bonds.

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