Memorial Day Bail Bonds

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No one likes to think a friend or family member has been arrested over a holiday weekend.  If someone you know finds themselves on the wrong side of a set of handcuffs, you’ll want to do your best to remain calm.

Remind the defendant that they have the right to remain silent and that they should refrain from speaking with anyone at the jail about the details of their case. They’ll also want to keep in mind that outbound calls from the jail are recorded and that anything they say during these phone calls could be used against them in court.

From there, assure them that you’ve contacted a California bail bonds agent that specializes in emergency bail bonds services.

If you need help getting someone out of jail on Memorial Day, call our office now at 888-224-5266.  We can assist with DUI bail bonds, felony bail bonds, misdemeanor bail bonds and domestic violence bail bonds.  Someone is here to take your call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

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