How Much Do Bail Bonds Cost?

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When someone is arrested, and booked into one of the California jails, the fastest way to get them released from custody involves contacting a California bail bonds company.

If you’ve never needed to work with a bondsman before, you probably have lots of questions about how bail works and what you can expect in terms of bail bonds fees. Bail bonds laws are a little bit different from state to state, so even if you have some knowledge about bail bonds out of California, the laws here may not be the same.

In CA, the cost to purchase bail bonds will be 10% of the defendant’s bail amount.  If bail is $15,000 you can expect the bail bonds fee will be $1,500.  And while some states allow people to put up a 10% cash deposit with the jail, which is refundable if the defendant goes to court, the 10% cash option is not available in California.  The fee you pay to a bondsman is non-refundable no matter what happens in court.

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