How Many Bail Bonds Cosigners do I Need?

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My girlfriend was arrested a few hours ago and I want to get her out.  How many cosigners will I need when I go to the bail bonds office?  Her bail is $10,000 and I have $500 on me.

This all depends on the case, how old the two of you are and whether you have established credit.  In most cases, the bail bondsman is less interested with the number of cosigners.  If you have established credit, a strong credit score, you and your girlfriend both live in the area and you are currently employed, you may not need additional cosigners.  If you’re not working, don’t live locally and don’t have credit, the bondsman will ask you to provide a “stronger” cosigner, to help guarantee that your girlfriend will go to court and to guarantee that the bail bonds balance will be paid.  For more information on how bail bonds work call our office now at 888-224-5266.

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