$1 Per Night Jail Is Advertising For Prisoners

Bondsman MargieHappenings


An artist in New York City has turned his rooftop, studio apartment into a jail cell and he’s wanting to charge $1 per night to give “inmates” their very own incarceration experience.

Each reservation has a mandatory two-night stay, he said, but prisoners need to abide by the rules.  Guests will need to spend three hours each morning inside the cage- and they won’t be able to sleep, use electronics or read.

The Facebook page describes the studio as being “the best cage accommodation you could ever find in New York City”, and although you won’t need to commit a crime to get an actual booking, you will be fined if you break the rules.

In addition to the $1 per night rental, guests will need to pay a $300 deposit.  The cage is monitored via live-video feed 24-hours a day, according to the post, and if the inmate leaves their jail cell during their mandatory downtime, they’ll be fined $100 per day.

Each inmate will have their very own set of keys, he said,  they can lock and unlock themselves as they please. There will never be a need to post bail bonds.

Most of August is already booked and September seems to be filling up fast.

The artist says his latest piece, which is meant to double as a psychological experience, represents how he felt when he arrived to the ‘states as an immigrant because in his mind, everyone is living in a cage.

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