Bail Bonds For Insurance Fraud

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If you have been notified that a friend or family member has been arrested for insurance fraud your entire world can feel as if it’s been turned upside down.

It is important you do your best to remain calm.  If the defendant is able to call you from inside the jail be sure to take down as much information as you can.

bail bonds for insurance fraud

Ask how long ago they were detained, which facility they are being held at, their bail amount, correct spelling of their first and last name, date of birth and booking number.

You probably have lots of questions about bail bonds for insurance fraud.  When a person is arrested and charged with this offense the officer has accused them of violating California Penal Code 1871.

Insurance fraud is defined as falsifying a claim to an insurance provider for financial gain. This gain could also come in the form of unlawfully obtaining services or other benefits.

A recent example of this crime comes out of Orange County.  An Amtrack employee took out several workers compensation insurance policies on herself just before alleging she became severely injured at work.

The insurance companies paid out more than half a million dollars before figuring out that allegation was a lie.

This charge is considered to be a white collar crime and can be defined as either a misdemeanor or felony.  Defendants who are convicted can face fines, penalties and/or time in jail or prison.

Many people think they will need to meet with a bondsman in person in order to arrange bail bonds for insurance fraud charges.  This more depends on the company you decide to hire.

Some will require you come into their office to fill out paperwork.  Others have started to offer clients the option of online bail bonds by fax and email for faster service.  In this case the bondsman can fax or email the required documents to your home or office.

Most people find that online bail bonds are the fastest and most convenient way to get someone out of jail.

The most important thing to know about cosigning for a defendant is that you are taking responsibility that they will go to court. In some cases they may have one required appearance. In others they may have a series of court dates.

They will need to attend each mandatory hearing until the case is resolved.

For more information on online bail bonds for forgery charges be sure to contact a knowledgeable bondsman.