Can I Be Arrested For an Out of State Warrant?

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Question:  I currently have a California warrant. I was wondering if I decide to move to out of state will my warrant show up and if so, how do the authorities find it and will I be arrested?  Also, can a bail bondsman come find me in another state?

Answer:  This is a very common question and as a California bail bondsman I  see this type of situation often.

The answer to your question is Yes, the authorities will find a warrant on anyone who has one nationwide and you will be arrested.  The warrant will show up any time your name and/or drivers license is run.  Furthermore, when someone is arrested they will be finger printed.  These prints are entered into a national crime database, which will flag anyone who is wanted any where within the country.  It will be up to the state and/or county from which the warrant is issued if they want to extradite the defendant, which means they will decide whether or not they want to bring the person back to the state and county of which the warrant derives.  A lot will depend upon the severity of the crime.

In terms of a bail bondsman trying to locate you in another state, this all depends on if a bond was posted to secure your release from jail.  In short, if you skipped bail and you did not get yourself back into the system by contacting the courts or the bondsman who bailed you out, the bondsman will locate you and bring you back into the courts in order to resolve the matter.

Ultimately, if you know you have a warrant, regardless of where it is from, it is always best to get it resolved sooner than later.  This can easily be done by contacting the courts or the bail bondsman (if bonded out) or by turning yourself in.   Running from the problem will only make matters worse and the ramifications are far greater than if you were to diligently resolve the matter before it becomes an even bigger problem.