Removing a Bail Bond Lien

Posted on February 28th, 2012 by Tonya Page
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Here is another Yahoo! Answers question, where we will often answer to bail related topics.

Question: I would like to get off the bond so I can sell my home.  The title company shows I have a lien from the bail bond company.

Answer:  If your home is being used as collateral on a bail bond,  it is because the bondsman felt that it was needed to secure the bond at the time it was written.  Your best bet is to contact the bondsman and ask for the lien to be removed if the case is complete.

If the case is not complete, you can ask the bondsman if the lien can be removed, however, he is not obligated to do so.  If the bail bondsman is still requiring collateral, you may want to find another property or collateralize the bond in cash.

2 responses to “Removing a Bail Bond Lien”

  1. Rachel writes:

    I bailed a friend out and she won’t pay me back how can I get removed from the bond

  2. gary truax writes:

    My wife posted bail for one of our kids friends several years ago and we just found out when we went to re-finance our home that the Bail Bond company put a lein against our property. We contacted them to have it removed, since the case was closed and they said because there were multiple cases, that they would not release the lein. The case my wife posted bail for was closed. How can they hold our house hostage for something that might happen in the future and refuse to release the lein?

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