Is Bail Money Refunded if The Person Dies?

Posted on December 18th, 2011 by Tonya Page
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Question:  If someone who is out on bail dies, does the person who bailed them out get their money back?

Answer:  If the defendant who is deceased used a bail bondsman, the fee that  was paid to the bondsman for release is nonrefundable. If monies are still owed to the bondsman due to a payment arrangement, then the bondsman would still need to be paid.

However, if cash bail was paid for the full bail amount to the court, the bail money will be refunded to the person who posted the bail, less any fees owed to the court.


4 responses to “Is Bail Money Refunded if The Person Dies?”

  1. bail bonds las vegas writes:

    One of our clients died in a horrible car accident, and having her mom worried about her daughter’s bond being exonerated was one of the toughest things I’ve dealt with in the bail bonds industry.

  2. Tonya Page writes:

    We have also had clients that passed away. I remember one who was to be in court at 8:30am and passed away overnight. His wife called us at 6am to let us know. I remember thinking, that’s the last thing she should be worried about at the time.

  3. Saha writes:

    My brother has passed away and he has bail money that I am trying to get back and give to his 2 girls that were left behind. Does anyone know what I nerd to do,????? Please please

  4. Tonya Page writes:

    Contact the clerk of the court where your brother was due to appear and ask their requirements.

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