Sonoma County Jail – North County Detention Facility

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General Information

North County Detention Facility
2254 Ordinance Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone: 707-565-1400
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The Detention Division of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department has two detention facilities.  One is the North County Detention Facility (NCDF).  The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the processing, care and management of inmates housed in both of these facilities.  The Detention Division operates with a staff of over 300 employees.

This facility sits on 15.3 acres , 5.91 acres are used for the Agricultural Program.  Inmates are approved to participate in the work crews at the time of booking.   In order to participate they may not have violence charges, a history of escape, or any disciplinary behavior programs. Over 200 inmates are on working crews, doing a variety of work on and off site.  The facility staffs 51 Correctional Deputies, 4 sergeants, one lieutenant, one captain,  and 7 legal processors.

Visiting North County Detention Facility

Please visit the Sonoma County Inmate Search for the most recent and up to date visitation days and hours.

Visiting Attire:

The following will NOT be allowed:  bare midriffs, low-cut tube tops, tank tops, or revealing tops, shorts or skirts that do not reach the bottom of your fingertips with your arms at your sides, beanies, bandanas, hats or hair nets,  shoes that will not clear a metal detector, including steel-toed boots.  Final determination will be made by the facility staff.  You will want to dress as if you were going to court.