Sonoma County Jail – Main Adult Detention Facility

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Updated 9/11/2013

General Information

Main Adult Detention Facility
2777 Ventura Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone: 707-565-1400
Bail Bonds for Sonoma County Jail

The Main Adult Detention Facility (MADF) is one of the jails operated by the Detention Division of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department.  The department is responsible for the processing, care and management of inmates being held in detention. The Detention Division is staffed with over 300 employees.

This Main Adult Detention Facility is designed to give “direct supervision” rather than the previous “linear” design of earlier jails in Sonoma County. It is constructed to house up to 790 inmates.  The facility houses medium and maximum security inmates, both pre-trial and sentenced.

The direct supervision is designed to allow the officers to make contact with inmates, encouraging the use of interpersonal skills. Currently there are 145 Correctional Deputies, 18 sergeants, 5 lieutenants, and one captain at this facility.

Visiting the Main Adult Detention Facility

For information on visitation days and time please visit the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department website and do an inmate search by name or booking number.


Visiting Attire:

  • Shorts, skirts and dresses must reach the bottom of your fingertips when arms are placed at side.
  • No bare midriffs, low-cut tube tops, tank tops, or revealing tops.
  • No sports team attire or gang attire.
  • No beanies, bandanas, hats or hair nets.
  • No shoes that will not clear a metal detector, including steel-toed boots.
  • Final determination will be made by Lobby staff.  You will want to dress as if you were going to court.

Visiting General Information:

  • Visitors may fill two seats only in the visiting booths. Small children may be seated on a visitor’s lap. Children over 40 inches must be seated in a seat and will be counted as a visitor.
  • All visitors, 18 years and older, must have a CA Driver’s License, CA Identification Card, Driver’s License or ID from another state, or other government ID’s such as Passport, Military ID, Mexican Consular Card or Immigration Card. No other forms of ID accepted.
  • Minors must be accompanied at all times by an adult.
  • The only items allowed in the visiting booth are locker or vehicle key or remote, eyeglasses, baby bottle, visitor’s pass, eyeglasses, and any emergency medications.  Everything must clear a metal detector.
  • Weapons of any kind, cigarettes, lighters, full sets of keys, knifes, cell phones, hats, excessive jewelry, toys, and writing implements are NOT ALLOWED.
  • All personal belongings are to be secured in the provided lockers or in your vehicle.  The lockers require two quarters.  Visitors must clear the metal detector to visit.
  • Any person who appears to be under the influence of any controlled substance or alcohol will not be permitted to visit.