Is It Possible To Revoke A Bail Bond?

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Question:  Is it possible to revoke a person’s bail bond? I put up a bond for a friend, but here lately my gut feeling is telling me he is going to “jump bail”. He is scheduled for court next month. So I really want to protect myself and find out if there is a way I can revoke his bond.

Answer: Yes, it is possible to have the bail bond revoked.  If you are using a bail bondsman, you should call them to discuss the matter. 

Revoking a bond can be somewhat complicated. Your bondsman will have various questions for you. Why do you want the bond revoked? Do you have a reason to believe that the defendant is not going to court or leaving the area? Statistically, most defendants who are out on bail will go to court. Folks seem to know that if a bondsman is looking for them, they can’t hide.

Generally, the answer, “I’m upset with this person because….” should be thought through carefully. A bondsman may charge you to “pick up” and “surrender” the defendant to the court. The bondsman will need to answer to judge about why the bond is being revoked and will likely require an affidavit from you.