How do I Start the Bail Bonds Process?

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If you’ve learned that someone you care for has been arrested and booked into one of the California jails, you’ll want to contact a local bondsman as quickly as possible. If you’re like most people, you’ve never needed to help get someone out of jail before and the idea of needing to hire a bail bonds agent can feel overwhelming. … Read More

Bail Bonds for Drug Trafficking Charges

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When someone is arrested in California on suspicion of transporting drugs, they’ll be arrested and booked into the local jail.  Bail amounts for defendants who have been arrested on drug transportation charges can vary widely depending on the amount and/or quantity of narcotics they are found with. In some cases, the bail amount for drug trafficking charges will be set … Read More

What Happens if Someone Skips Bail?

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what to do if you have a warrant

I cosigned for my friend’s boyfriend’s bail bonds last month. They’ve since broken up and I’m pretty sure he’s moved back to Las Vegas.  I’m worried because I don’t think he has any intention of coming back to Los Angeles to go to court. What happens if someone skips bail?

How Can I Tell if Someone Will Be Denied Bail Bonds?

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My son was arrested while visiting California last night and my husband and I want to take him out of the jail as fast as humanly possible.  We’re worried he might be denied bail because he lives in Texas (the whole family lives here). When will I know if the court denies his bail?

Passing Out (Drunk) in a Fast Food Drive Through Will Get You Arrested

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An Ohio woman found herself on the wrong side of a set of handcuffs after she went out drinking, decided to drive home, and instead, passed out in the drive through lane of her friendly neighborhood McDonalds. A store employee said the woman was so hammered that she was slurring ordering her food before she dozed off. When the police showed … Read More

Bartender Booked at Santa Rita Jail on Suspicion of Murder

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A bartender at a popular Oakland restaurant has been arrested on suspicion of murder, police say. Witnesses told investigators they witnessed the now-defendant attack and beat a homeless man to death. The incident happened in late-October, police said, outside of a well-known restaurant in downtown Oakland. According to a report by, the victim was panhandling outside of the eatery … Read More

Suspect Caught with Counterfeit Cash, Drugs, Gets Free Trip to Ventura County Jail

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A representative from the Ventura County Jail has confirmed that a 37-year-old man was booked at the county lockup on drug possession, forgery and firearms charges. The incident began when the police pulled the man over, authorities said, and it wasn’t long before officers discovered the man was transporting heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine in his vehicle. They also found drug … Read More

Santa Monica Police Says Property Crime Rates Remain High

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receiving stolen property

A spokesperson for the Santa Monica Police Department has confirmed that property crime rates in the city are the highest of similar-sized cities in the state. In 2016, residents experienced more than 4,000 instances of property crime; in contrast, the city of Compton experienced just over 2,500 property crimes, while the city of Santa Barbara experienced just over 3,500 property … Read More

SDPD: Thieves Tried to Steal ATM Using Construction Equipment

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Thieves tried to steal an ATM machine from an Allied Gardens-based bank. The incident happened in late-October, investigators said, and while the thieves were successful in stealing a “skip-loader” from a nearby construction site, they were not successful in making off with the ATM. It was ripped from the drive through lane, officers said, but the skip-loader dropped the machine … Read More